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Lisa Dunn-Dern Children’s Lifestyle Expert ■ Author ■ TV and Radio Host   Children’s Lifestyle Expert and Author Lisa Dunn-Dern is a multi-faceted talent whose skill and expertise shines over...

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   Dr. Duncan Dog On Duty! “Dr. Duncan Dog on Duty!” brings back the family – mother, father, and little girl – from her first book “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow,” Our...

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Welcome to Dern Good Books

Since publishing my first children’s book “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” back in 2007 so much has changed. My daughter is now in college and has launched into a most amazing young woman. My schedule has also taken new turns, swinging madly from working day and night with some very talented people over at Auryn  to turn my second book “Dr. Duncan Dog on Duty” into an App for Apple, to creating my first reality show. to having the kind of free time I have not had in twenty years. Time that allows the day to unfold as it likes,where once I found myself sitting in an “of the moment” makeup salon at Sunset Plaza, at three in the afternoon drinking something called Karma Champagne with twenty-year-old make up artists discussing what twenty year olds discuss. Technology, family, career, relationships.I’m excited about this new excursion in my life and in addition to sharing my newest children’s books with you, I will also share some of my favorite things on “Lisa’s List”, so let’s get started.